Extract of the speeches given by Anil Bhaskaran at the Annual Conventions of Architects and Student Architects held in 1993 and 1994.


At the National Convention of Students of Architecture, held at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore on the topic “Timeless…..”, in 1994.

I made a blinking timepiece yesterday

And with that I created time.

My timepiece blinks just like

The twinkling stars of the heaven

I asked the stars “Aren’t you jealous of my timepiece?”

And the stars said “what do you mean by time?

I am sitting on the bank of the river, staring at the continuous flow of water. One leaf floats by me. I call it the past. Another leaf floats right in front of me. I call it the present. I can see a third one floating and approaching me. I call it the future.
I am happy.
I have been able to time and date an event with reference to myself and thereby divide it into three different compartments.

But the bird in the sky doesn’t agree with me. She insists that all three leaves are moving simultaneously. She says that what I perceive as past, present and future are actually happening at the same time; that it is all a continuum. She also says that I am not able to comprehend this because the plane of my vision is quite limited.

Now, on second thoughts, I feel the bird does have a point. How I wish I could elevate myself to the position of the bird, so that I could experience what the bird is experiencing!

Can we date a thinking process?
Isn’t thinking per se independent of time?
If the answer is ‘Yes’, then one has to agree with the notion that thinking as such is “timeless”.

More than the organization of the spaces, Architecture is imagination. It is the result of the process of creative thinking.

Isn’t it therefore possible to create an Architecture which is not dated; which permeates the man-made boundaries of the past, present and future; which doesn’t fall under any classified “styles”?

Isn’t it therefore possible to create an architecture which is “timeless”?
For something that is “timeless” is eternal.

, Date : 19 December, 2014