Zed Earth Club House, Open Architecture, Bangalore

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The Zed Clubhouse and Community Centre forms part of the ‘Zed-Earth’ an eco-friendly housing project. The building follows the concept of open architecture that integrates covered, semi-covered and open-to-sky spaces.

An open-to-sky courtyard, laid with pebbles and two large rocks, known as ‘soul-space’, is attached to the lounge area. The second courtyard that accommodates a water-body, has an island type ‘mantap’ at its centre. The ‘mantap’ is used for conducting performances. The third courtyard is placed next to the multi-purpose gathering area, between the building and the swimming pool. This also doubles up as an amphi theatre. A tree (Plumeria) is planted at the end of the main passage, in axial alignment, and is visually framed by the openings in the passage.

The roof, which is of horizontal disposition, produces simple, clean lines. The roof edges are supported by double steel columns that are connected by perforated steel sheets cut to pattern. The fenestrations on the steel columns produce interesting shadow effect on the walls during day and night.

The series of court-yards, that form part of the building, helps in dissipating heat through convectional air flow. This in turn, keeps the inside of the rooms cool. The presence of water bodies in the central courtyard helps to augment the cooling effect by water absorbing the heat during day time and releasing it to the air in the night.

The full size open-able windows further increase the ventilation from the sides of the building.

The walls are painted in white colour that reflects heat. The overhangs above the walls help to reduce the heat absorbed by the walls further.

The landscape details around the building include the main access bridge, that connects the car parking area to the front lawn, that is made out of wood and steel. Coir ropes are provided in the place of hand rails.

The lawn, plants and trees around the building reduce heat and noise penetration into the building. There is a huge banyan tree on the front corner of the property.

The interior décor is minimalistic. The furniture is made out of low cost, sustainable plantation wood. The flooring is done in cost effective ceramic tiles in earthy tones.

This building demonstrates the fact that an eco-friendly building can be done without high technology input, high cost construction material and labour intensive construction techniques.

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