Philosophy I.D.E.A Centre Architects Pvt. Ltd. was born with the idea of making explorations into the unchartered realms in the field of Architectural design avoiding the normal pitfalls of ideologies and ‘isms’ as is very much evident in the plurality of the firm’s works. Nature, History, Contemporary design, Function and Economics do have a definite place in the creations of the firm but more than that the projects reflect a distinct originality in thought, an intuitiveness tempered by reality, defying any attempts to classify the works into any preconceived slots.
All that the firm creates, each and every design detail, spring forth from a deep gorge within the creative minds of the people involved. One feels a burning, an insatiable passion as one attempts to touch the sublime through one’s creation. Architecture, as separate from an ordinary structure happens when the design is enthused with a soul reflecting a greater need than just material function – ‘the whole’ being always greater than the ‘sum of all its parts’.

Concept “With its designs, the company wants to create an architecture which is innovative, which looks beyond the everyday staidness of mediocrity, which applauds skilled craftsmanship, reflects an attitude of lateral thinking process culminating in creations which are path breaking, distinctive and thought provoking, an architecture which is at once an enigma, offering a refreshing change, an urban planning consultants services Bangalore, an architecture with strong imagery and feelings, an architecture which comes across as an unfolding drama with entrancing forms, an entourage of blending and contrasting elements taking the beholder into a plurality of emotions and experiences, above all, an architecture that is founded not on moral correctness or archaic ritualistic principles but an architecture which is gay and joyful, untamed and non-conforming”.