Gopinath Villa

Gopinath Villa Pattambi : Independent Houses : On-going Projects

Bangalore architects, IDEA Centre Architects have designed this independent villa ┬ábased on an ‘open plan’. The passage that starts from the entrance gate takes a circular shape and acts as a drop of point for the vehicles.

From the right side of the circular passage the garage, servant quarters and a store room are located. There is a landscaped mount around the structure, that comes to the roof which is triangular in plan.

The passage continues to the house and crosses two screen walls on the way. The screen walls hide the house from the viewer so that everything is not revealed at first and at once.

The front facade of the house is constructed in concrete with horizontal grooves caste-in-situ. The remaining portion of the external wall is clad in the wooden panels. The roof is sloped on one side and is in exposed concrete.

There are two open to sky court yards inside the house. The ceiling is treated as a ‘canvas’ with art work incorporated on the false ceiling.

Other Work