Interior Designers In Bangalore.

Interior Designers in Bangalore
Interior designing

is an art which encompasses elements such as conceptual development, design, furnishings, creative and practical harmony meant for a programmed interior. Interior designing goes beyond visual beautification of a room or area. It makes space conducive for an intended purpose.Interior design can include residential design, hospitality, healthcare, museum, events, production, spatial branding and others.

I.D.E.A. Centre is an architectural firm  with over two decades of expertise in interior design. Anil Bhaskaran, who founded I.D.E.A. Centre Architects in 1989, believes that every project the firm undertakes should, ideally, tell a story. “We, at IDEA Centre, have been consistently evolving with time and working towards achieving extraordinary results in design. We do not believe in creating an ordinary space in an already beautiful location but creating a extra-ordinarily beautiful space in an even ordinary location”, says Anil Bhaskaran.

The Bangalore based Interior designers aim to create a well coordinated whole wherein the parts- visual elements, lighting, texture, and colours etc come together in harmony.


We have handpicked top interior designers who thrive on enthusiasm and innovative ideas. We are proud of our team dynamics and mediate any challenges successfully. Our artistic designers have the aesthetic vision, skill and technical expertise that give the design a tangible shape. We understand technical aspects such as structural requirement of the plan, health and safety issues and building codes while ensuring that our communication about all of the above is clear and effective.

“We at I.D.E.A. Centre Architects work with our clients to provide meaningful pre-design and post- design services. We ensure that our firm’s style, priorities and approach are in tune with our clients’ needs before we move ahead with the project. We try to maintain an appropriate equilibrium between design sensibilities, technical expertise and expenditure,” says Anil Bhaskaran.

Why I.D.E.A ?

“In this multi-faceted profession, we provide solutions that are functional, practical and aesthetically attractive. Our designs follow a systematic methodology and fall in line with environment sustainability codes. We do so only after closely studying our client’s requirement and ideas and transform them into reality.’ says Anil.

Best 3 Factors That Make Top Interior Designers In Bangalore

Are you ready to add that charming appeal to your property? I.D.E.A Centre Architects is here to serve you as one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. Many factors contribute to achieve the status of top Bangalore interior designers. Here you will learn about the essential qualities that makes a good interior designer.

Innovative Ideas- The best interior designers must be innovative and enthusiastic about their ideas. They should combine their technical proficiency with aesthetic vision and skills that gives the design a brilliant shape.

Technical Skills – Best Bangalore interior designers should apply their technical skills during the pre-design and post-design services. They must ensure proper utilisation of space including safety issues within the budget.

Coordination and Harmony – This is one of the most important characteristics of a good interior designer in Bangalore. Their designs must coordinate well with the colours, lighting texture, visual elements and other essentials maintaining right balance.

If you are wondering why I.D.E.A Centre Architects is best in the business, then the answer would be their qualities that make them the best interior designer in Bangalore. Whether it is innovation, skills, harmony and any other aspect of interior designing, they excel in every field.

Top 4 Trends of Wood Based Interior Designing

Proper application of wood can make a defining statement at your interiors. Leading interior designers in Bangalore are now focusing on more creative usage of wood on their latest assignments. Take a look at some fresh trends of interior design using wood.

Wainscoting Scales – Many Bangalore interior designers are applying wainscoting treatment that creates an impression where smaller spaces appear large. It helps to bridge the junction of ceiling and wall while maintaining the flow in floor plans.

Reclaimed Wood – The interior designers are wonderfully using aged wood found in old buildings and barns. For example, they are using old wooden planks to create a table, headboards on beds, or anything else.

Wood on Ceilings This is new concept catching up with the interior designers in Bangalore and other cities. Often ceiling is left same as it is while building the house. Using wood on ceiling can bring several interesting architectural twist and the interior decorators are exploring this scope.

Retaining Natural Colour Every type of wood has a natural colour that defines the tone of the room. For example, a lighter tone wood creates an airy and open sense in the room, whereas darker tone evokes glamour or classic masculinity.

For more such interesting and creative ideas, contact I.D.E.A Centre Architects, the best interior designer in Bangalore.


Best 3 Office Designing Trends By Leading Bangalore Interior Designers

Several renowned interior designers in Bangalore are using latest trends for office designing. They are bidding goodbye to the conventional design plans of commercial office interiors and adopting new styles.

No Big Private Offices

Some top interior designer in Bangalore are offering alternative environment to every team member in the office. The office workstations are designed in a wagon train formation, where the conference room placed in the middle instead of having a separate large space.

Multi-Functional Wall and Floors

How about having walls and floor that are interactive with each other and the furniture? Imagine the furniture that can be plugged into the electrical devices and the walls that can define private areas by moving side or taking down.

Design Space Based On Activities

Many top interior designers in Bangalore are opting for activity based planning for designing office spaces. They are planning the interiors based on what people do. For example, if the work requires small huddle among the staffs everyday then having a separate conference room may not be needed and everyone can address from the compact, open and accessible work stations. If confidential matter is to be discussed then a private enclave can be built.

If you want to discuss newest trends of office interiors, then contact I.D.E.A Centre Architects, the best interior designer in Bangalore.