Sterling Place Apartments

Sterling Place, Bangalore : Apartments : Completed Projects

The Sterling Place Apartment is conceived as an ‘urban oasis’ among the concrete structures surrounding it and due to this reason it offers a refreshing relief to the viewer. The structure is planned in seven levels with the topmost floor reserved for the penthouse and lower floors for two and three bedroom apartments.

There is a terrace garden at the second floor level. The high roof that covers the terrace garden creates an atrium effect outside the building.

The penthouse has a slopped high roof that is covered with mangalore tiles. The extension of the same roof covers the verandah, all around the penthouse. ‘Open to sky’ shower areas attached to the bathrooms in the penthouse add to the novelty in the planning.

The service floor consisting of the water tank, lift machine room etc. rises above the roof of this penthouse and gives the level of a clear storey.

There is a canopy made out of wooden pergolas and sculpted stone columns, that ushers visitors from the gate to the entrance lobby. The compound wall constructed in wire-cut bricks is copped with unpolished thick granite slabs.

The external facade is finished with terracotta tiles and is punctuated with borders made of unpolished granite slabs. The sloped roof on top covered with Mangalore tiles covers the whole building and is supported by the three yellow colored steel columns in front. The service shafts are provided with metal doors painted in bright yellow color.

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