Chrysanthemum, Bangalore

Chrysanthemum, Bangalore : Independent Houses : Completed Projects

The ground floor of this villa has drawing and dining areas, an open kitchen and a guest bedroom. The dining room is at a higher level compared the drawing room, segregated by a ‘floating’ step. At the entrance of the dining area marble pebbles are inlaid on the floor,covered with glass and back-lit.

Verandas, that double up as wooden decks are provided on two sides of the drawing room.

The first floor consists of a family lounge, the master bedroom and children’s bedroom, with both bed rooms having attached walk-in-wardrobes and bathrooms.

The short wall that separates the drawing room from dining area has been done up in stone butch work and has niches that simulate a palm.

The stair that follows folded plate design has hand rails made out of steel and glass and steps made out of wood and glass. The stair ‘rests’ on a platform laid with black granite flooring. The two sides of the granite platform are glazed, back-lit and filled with marbles inside. When lit-up, the marbles emit interesting patters of light.

There is a balcony on the south side of the front bedroom on the first floor. The balcony is laid on with wooden deck and has wooden pergolas above it.

The open plan in Ground Floor allows unobstructed flow of light and air into the house. Thee tree existing at site prior to the commencement of construction have been retained. The tree near the dining area has been framed by a high window next to it.

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